Vsevolod Yushakov

Vsevolod is a graduate of the Art School after G. Mosin. His art technique is a pastel. He loved painting in the technique of pastel for an opportunity to achieve soft and delicate shading in order to transfer the movement of the air. Mr. Yushakov is improved in a personal studio of a professor at Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art. Mirza Mamedov. Some of his pictures were painted on the basis of plein air sketches or pictures painted from real life, others were painted on the base of pencil sketches and photographs in nature. In the Studio he comprehends the finesses of painting, drawing, composition. When drawing landscapes, Vsevolod develops a coloristic formula, shows a majestically beautiful world. The artist makes you feel the play of light and a changeable, unique beauty of nature. We see in his works a classically balanced composition, shining with muted blue, ochre-red, silver tones. He chooses a pleasant palette for the eyes, tries to capture the various states of nature at different times. Many his works are in private collections in our country and abroad: in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Armenia, Italy (at city hall in Sicilia).

 Vsevolod Yushakov is a winner of international modern art competitive exhibitions (in Serbia, Slovakia, China) and such Russian painting and graphics competitions as «Golden paintbrush of the Urals», «The cup of Russia», «Art units the world ¾ The Christmas Olymp» and others.

Besides, he studies instrumental music: Vsevolod plays the piano and the guitar. He is fond of mountain biking off-road.