Mirza Mamedov

Mirza Mamedov is the Ural artist of Asian origin. He was born in 1961 in Boradigah settlement, Maslinkov district of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1982 he entered Sverdlovsk Art School, graduated with honors, in 1997 he graduated Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art on the speciality «Monumental painting». In 2003 he joined the Artists’ Union of Russia.

Mirza Mamedov worked as a chief artist in the administration of the Leninsky district in Yekaterinburg. He taught at Russian State Professional Pedagogical University. Mr. Mamedov is currently working at Ural State Academy of Architecture and Art. Mirza Mamedov is a professor at the Department of Drawing. In 2011 he received a medal of the Russian Academy of arts. His author's works are in museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.

Ural is closely connected with the fate of the artist. Harsh Ural nature and people had a huge impact on his work and outlook. Clarity and concentration are manifested in the drawing and composition, and homesickness, childhood memories and impressions, the soul and poetry of the East are embodied in a favorite theme and bright colors.

Musicality and poetry are typically in his almost every work: portrait, still life or landscape. The objects in the paintings embody a certain mystery and unreality, attracting the eye not only by their texture of execution, but also by a special glow pouring from each thing and filling it with spirituality.

Mr. Mamedov is a fine painter, an artist of the academic school. His pictures fascinate with a play of light and color. The artist is interested in the themes of fate, hope, rebirth, and he treats them with Eastern philosophy that is typical for him.