Albert Tumanov

Albert Tumanov was born on the 25th of January 1938 in Lezhnevo settlement, Ivanovsk region. In 1945 he moved to the Urals. From 1953 to 1958 he studied in painting and pedagogy department, Sverdlovsk Art College. As a graduate student, he was fond of graphics and at the same time began collaborating with Sverdlovsk publishing company. In 1971 he graduated Moscow polygraphs institute, artistic design of printed products faculty on the specialty «graphic artist».

Young author was fascinated by new unknown edges, romance of distant travels so he went to Far East. As a merchant sailor he went through the Northern Sea to the Tiksi port at the mouth of the Lena River. Sakhalin, the Kurils, Kamchatka, Chukotka, the Arctic Islands left indelible impressions in the artist's soul. Love for the North, its unique nature, beautiful, courageous inhabitants of these harsh lands, remained with him forever. Later when he returned to the Urals, at least ten seasons as a field worker Tumanov went with a detachment of geologists in the Circumpolar and Polar Urals.

In 1986 as a part of Polar expedition of the newspaper «The Soviet Russia» he went from Kara Sea and Caspian Sea, thus, having learned the whole Ural region from Pai-Khoy to Mugodzhar. From every trip the artist brought new impressions, etudes, and sketches. And this natural material became a base of his pictures.

The 2000th year is the beginning of the UNESCO new expedition around the world « The Great Northern Trail». It supposed to pass through the territory of eight countries and close the Arctic circle. He managed to visit Yamal and pass the Ob bay on the ship «Turgoyak», to visit Finland and Northern Norway. The result of this expedition is more than a hundred sketches and drawings which are stored in the archives of «Polarex» and particularly used in the book "Man and the North" written by S. Solovyov. For 50 years since the day of graduation of the Art College Mr. Tumanov designed not less than 100 books, brochures, flyers, posters. He created a series of linocuts, watercolor landscapes and portraits in easel graphics, picturesque genre paintings «The Great Northern Trail», «Berezovsky Ostrog» for the history Museum of Berezov and others. Last watercolor series «Chusovaya River» was awarded the Governor's prize. On the 22th of November 2016 Albert Tumanov died.